Publish Open Access with Scandinavian Academic Press

Scandinavian Academic Press (SAP) offers Open Access publishing for researchers and research groups. We publish monographs and edited volumes in the Scandinavian languages and English. 

We emphasise high scientific quality. All our Open Access publications are peer reviewed and undergo the same editorial process as our academic publications in general. 

We follow Universities Norway’s (UHR) guidelines for peer review: 

1. Peer review takes place prior to publication of original research results.

2. Avoid using reviewers with significant conflicts of interest. At least one of the reviewers should be an expert in the topic(s) addressed in the manuscript. The expert can be anonymous or named.

3. The reviewer evaluates the originality and quality of the work, and the assessment is to be included in the written recommendation. 

We are an accredited Level 1 publisher and authorized by the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). 

All our Open Access publications are available on our web site, free of charge to readers worldwide. 

Open Access books are financed by their authors’ institutions. Most universities and university colleges have publishing funds to aid in financing Open Access publishing. The publication fee varies according to the scope of the book, its complexity and the amount of editorial support needed. 

As the author, you will retain copyright to your book with a Creative Commons licence (CC BY is the most used). We will be happy to guide you to the right licence for your book. 

In addition to a digital publication, a printed edition can be arranged (in a limited print run).  

Please contact us if you have a book project you consider to publish Open Access.