Kim Helsvig og Jan Eivind Myhre (red.)

Making a modern university

Making a modern university

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Making a modern university. The University of Oslo 1811–2018 presents updated highlights from six of the thirteen historians that were commissioned to write the nine-volume history of the University of Oslo, published as part of the bicentennial celebra- tions in 2011.

However, this book is not an abridged version of the nine volumes and does not purport to cover the entire history of the University of Oslo. Rather it presents key events, processes, and dilemmas in the making of a modern university in the Norwegian capital on the European periphery.

The chapters are all based on the 2011 work, but they are also rewritten with the aim of reaching a broader and international audience of scholars and followers of intellectual history, taking advantage of the bene t of further re ection since the original publication. 


The strength of Making a Modern University lies in its careful explanations of the university in a national context, as well as its accurate translations of Norwegian concepts and terms. The book comes with the obvious problem of the genre—a collection of essays presents a disconnected narrative of historical processes. Still, the book offers valuable glimpses into the past and present of the inner life, education, and research at the university. The collection also gives the reader an interesting insight into the multiple linkages between academia and society, especially the importance of the university to the economic, political, and cultural development of Norway. 

Vera Schwach, ISIS—Volume 110, Number 3, September 2019


Jan Eivind Myhre er professor emeritus i moderne historie ved Universitetet i Oslo.
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Kim Helsvig er dr. art. i historie og har utgitt en rekke bøker I skjæringsfeltet mellom intellektuell, akademisk og politisk historie.
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